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    <u><b><p>Are you often experiencing cold, flu, fever, pain, or oral diseases?</b></u>
    Then it can be the result of low immunity power of the body. In fact, the immune system is an amazing work of nature. It is body resistance power to combat diseases. When the immunity power is in good condition then it can combat lots of illness and infections.</p>
    <p>Usually the body performs well in keeping immune system up but the individuals can boost it up naturally. In addition, the people also can try ayurvedic remedies to enhance immunity power and Imutol capsule is considered as the best one.</p>

    <b><p>Natural remedies for improving immunity power:</p></b>
    <p>Positive mind-set: Even though the present world is full of stress and negativity, the individual should look the bright and positive side of it by adopting a positive frame of mind. Laugh enough; it is good for the health.</p>
    <p>Reduce stress: Stress is too much harmful to health. It weakens the body and its immune system. So, identify the source of stresses in life and find out the ways of minimizing stress. Besides, take on yoga and meditation to lessen stress and use Imutol capsules to get quick and optimum result.</p>

    <p>Be active: Always move the bodies. Desk bound jobs are the trend of modern world. So, take short breaks during working-hour, go out and take short walking before leading back to work. Do, exercise everyday at least 30 minutes, and use stairs in pace of elevator.
    Moreover, take ayurvedic remedies to enhance immunity power if necessary.</p>
    <p>Enough sleep: Try to get at least eight hours sound sleep in every night. Because, sleep help to rejuvenate the bodies and to do proper functioning of the bodies. Consume Imutol capsules to increase the resistance power of the body.</p>

    <p>Drink plenty of water: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. It will help to flush out the toxins or ‘waste fluids’ from the cells of the bodies.</p>
    <p>Healthy diet: Balanced and healthy diet is one of the primary conditions for strong immune system. The diet should contain low fats and sufficient protein. Include dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, nuts and whole grains. Cabbage family foods such as cauliflower, turnip, broccoli, brussels sprouts and radish etc.

    are efficient to prevent the problem of low immunity. The foods contain high amount of carotenes such as carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, red peppers etc. are good for enhancing the immune power. Garlic, yogurt, berries are also good for improving immune power.
    The individuals can also try for ayurvedic remedies to enhance immunity power of their body.</p>
    <p>Vitamin C: This particular vitamin may be the most important nutritive for immune system so that it affects directly on viruses and bacteria. Take vitamin C with bioflavonoid such as strawberries, garlic, bell-peppers, sweet peppers, spinach etc., to strengthen the action of vitamin C.</p>

    <p>Green Tea: Green tea is considered as one of the best ayurvedic remedies to enhance immunity power. Drink green tea every day. It will encourage the production of immune cells.</p>
    <p>Overview of the product: Imutol capsules: what age does erectile dysfunction This capsule is highly effective to enhance immune system of the body. Kesar, tulsi, shatavari, anantmul, swarna bhasma, abhrak bhasma, nimbi, haridra, and daruharidra are the main herbal ingredients of this herb.

    Take one or two Imutol capsules twice daily after meals for at least four months to achieve excellent result.</p>

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